The breast mount occupies front of chest from 2nd to 6th rib and is tear shaped. Each breast is partly glandular and partly made up of fatty tissue. The glandular part is made up by ‘Ductal and alveolar units’ Each breast has 15 to 20 of such units. The alveolar tissue arranged at the periphery produces milk which carried by a duct towards nipple. All the ducts converge near areola (the dark circle surrounding nipple) and open at nipple.

The fluid between the breast tissues (Lymph) is drained by special channels called lymphatic system into lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are like soldiers in the body which try to protect it by trapping infection or cancer cells inside them. Breast lymphatic’s drain into lymph nodes present on either sides of breastbone, in the axillary (underarms) and above collar bone.



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