In a human body every organ has designated, specific location and it is kept in that location by surrounding organs, fascial layers and muscles. Maintaining this position is very important for normal functioning of that organ and to avoid twisting/ pinching of its blood vessels. When any organ leaves it’s designated place and protrudes out through it’s containing muscle


This is the most common type: mainly seen in males. Intestines protrude down through defect in the muscle canal which envelops the spermatic cord . Bulge is seen just above the testis and sometimes can extend into scrotum . This type of hernia can be seen in new born babies also and need treatment as early as possible.



Dr. Deepa Kulkarni is a skilled surgeon in General, Laparoscopic, and Hernia Surgery, holding a specialized Diploma in APHS Hernia Basics. Her expertise extends tocomprehensive breast health care, demonstrating her commitment to holistic medical practices. With extensive knowledge, she is dedicated to providing top-tier medical expertise to all her patients.