Awareness of Breast Cancer and other Breast Diseases.

Why this awareness is important?

1) Every woman in her lifetime suffers from some breast related problem. There is general tendency either to ignore it completely or getting panicky thinking that is cancer.
2) Globally as well as in India, breast cancer is increasing at frightening rate and it is seen in younger age group. ( as early as 30 To 40)
3) If breast cancer is diagnosed in early stage, it’s completely curable. It’s possible to diagnose it early making women aware about the problem and teaching them self-breast exam.


What are the commonly faced breast problems?
Common Breast Concerns and Self-Care
  • Breast Pain (Mastalgia) –
    • It’s normal to feel some pain and swelling of breast around monthly periods. Usually it’s because of changing hormone levels. This pain is felt on both sides.
    • Try to avoid salty and oily food just prior to menses and routine pain- killers are sufficient.
    • Pain felt only on one side and not around periods is usually because of muscle strain
  • Nipple discharge –
    • If it is on both sides, it is usually because of hormonal effects.
    • Nipple discharge on both sides usually hormonal.
    • Discharge from one side needs further investigation; blood-stained discharge can indicate cancer.
  • Breast Lump
    • Every breast lump need to be investigated as 1 in 10 lumps in later age groups might be cancerous.
    • In young women in twenties non- cancerous lumps are usually seen. They might be multiple in no and are like pebbles with definite outline. Usually they move inside the breast. Might be painful.
    • Caner lump tend to be painless & appear to merge within breast, not movable. There might be skin thickening, dimpling, nipple retraction (inversion) and bloody discharge.
Diseases of Lactating Breast (Breastfeeding Mothers)
  • Mastitis
    • Breast is swollen, hot, red and very painful. This is due to blocked milk ducts with infection.
    • Early treatment can avoid surgery.
  • Breast Abscess
    • If pus is formed it has to be removed surgically.
  • Cracked Nipples
    • Nipples tend to become dry and crack.
    • Use routine edible oil or ghee to moisturize; consider nipple shields if feeding is painful.
  • Galactocele
    • Large painless lump if duct is blocked and milk accumulates.
  • Monthly Self-Examination
    • Perform self-breast examination monthly to know your breasts; detect abnormalities early.
  • Informative Brochures
    • Brochures available at hospital reception in Marathi and English.



Dr. Deepa Kulkarni is a skilled surgeon in General, Laparoscopic, and Hernia Surgery, holding a specialized Diploma in APHS Hernia Basics. Her expertise extends tocomprehensive breast health care, demonstrating her commitment to holistic medical practices. With extensive knowledge, she is dedicated to providing top-tier medical expertise to all her patients.