Laparoscopy Surgeon

Also known as keyhole surgery/minimally invasive surgery is a technique in which a camera is put inside the abdomen through a 1 cm hole and operations are carried out through other small holes. As there is no big cut, patient recovery is fast, pain is significantly less and it’s cosmetically far better. Dr Deepa Kulkarni is the best laparoscopic surgeon in pcmc with a vast experience of 12 years in the field of laparoscopic surgery. She has a fellowship(F.M.A.S) in laparoscopic surgery. Surgeries like Appendectomy, Gall bladder removal, abdominal wall hernias,hiatal hernia, rectal prolapse, kidney surgery, intestinal (bowel) surgeries and all other advanced laparoscopic are routinely done laparoscopically. Brahmchaitanya Superspeciality Hospital has an advanced camera system and other high-end instrumentation required to carry out these surgeries with precision and safety.