Hernia Surgeon

Dr Deepa Kulkarni is a trusted and distinguished Hernia Surgeon, widely acknowledged as one of the best in Pcmc and Pune. She holds a Diploma in Hernia Essentials from the Asia-Pacific Hernia Society. Hernia, characterized by the protrusion of an organ through its enclosing cavity wall, manifests as groin hernias, umbilical hernias and post-surgery incisional hernias. Complex and big hernias in high-risk patients (diabetic, heart disease, asthmatic) are routinely operated with at most care with excellent outcomes. Scarred abdomen, big, pendulous abdomen with multiple hernias are treated with abdominal wall reconstructive surgery. Women having large, hanging abdomens after pregnancy usually get lower backache and hip pain. Abdominoplasty surgery ensures a flat, taught abdomen which alleviates the symptoms of backache. Many hernias are operated on laparoscopically which is done through keyholes, so that patient recovery is faster, and smoother and returns to work earlier.