Breast Surgery

Every woman faces some or other breast-related problems in a life time. Dr Deepa Kulkarni is the best breast surgeon in PCMC. Problems like breast pain(mastalgia), breast lump, nipple discharge, and breast cancer are routinely treated. Dr Deepa Kulkarni with her compassionate and professional approach makes patients comfortable to interact, treat and get the best possible outcome. All advanced breast treatment modalities are implemented by a team of professionals at BCSH. Dr Deepa Kulkarni routinely holds patient education programmes, and health talks to impart knowledge and awareness related to various breast diseases. These programs are helpful to diagnose breast cancer in the early stage which gives far better results. Cosmetic Breast Surgeries like breast augmentation (increasing breast size by breast implants), breast reduction( reducing breast size for comfortable movement and to alleviate shoulder and neck pain), breast lift (bringing sagging breasts to original position), breast reconstruction ( creating new breast in patients who has undergone breast removal) are routinely done in association with an efficient plastic surgeon.